Prayer is at the heart of Festival Manchester 2022. It’s not just part of what we’re doing, but the very backbone of it

That’s why we’re making it a priority to see the church across the region come together and unify in prayer.

To make this happen there will be a dedicated prayer team of volunteers that will:

  • Mobilise unified prayer across the region
  • Ensure that the whole festival and all activities are covered in prayer
  • Train, equip and release Christians across the region as they become passionate in prayer

Our dream is that in the build-up to Festival Manchester, and as an ongoing legacy, we’ll see:

  • The region saturated in continued prayer and worship
  • The church across the North West filled with believers who are passionate about prayer 
  • The church rise up in unified prayer

To see this grow and take shape we’ll be launching various prayer initiatives in the build-up to the Festival Manchester weekend on 1 – 3 July 2022.  This will include a prayer card strategy encouraging every believer across the region to pray for five friends to come to know Jesus, as well as monthly prayer gatherings, 40 days of focused prayer, training and resourcing, and so much more.

We also want to see every street in Manchester prayer for as churches and individuals sign up to prayer walk it regularly. 

Adopt a street

We’d love you and your church to get involved and would like to adopt a street and start prayer walking it. All you need to do is download the OIKOS app and choose the street(s) you want to pray for.

As more people sign up you’ll see this happen and out city being covered in prayer. Imagine seeing prayer taking place in every borough and every street of Manchester!

Download the OIKOS app here:

The OIKOS app is provided in partnership with Hope For Every Home.

Let us pray for you

If you have a specific prayer request you would like the prayer team to pray for, please email [email protected] with your request.  If your request is confidential, please do let us know this in your message.