Follow Up

Happening from 1 – 3 July 2022, Festival Manchester is set to be an incredible weekend of fun, music, and most importantly, an opportunity to proclaim the good news of Jesus to tens of thousands of people!

And we want to make sure that every decision to say ‘yes’ to Jesus grows into a lifelong relationship with him, and that we see people’s new faith grow. For this reason, follow-up and helping churches plan their follow-up is central to Festival Manchester.

What’s Happening?

Over the next twelve months there will be regular opportunities to get involved in events that will help you and your church plan your follow-up response to Festival Manchester. This will include connecting with the follow-up team, getting involved in personal evangelism training, having access to ongoing support, as well as a host of other things, that happen post-festival to ensure those who have made decisions are discipled.

At the same time we’re recruiting 2,500 volunteers who will minister to those who respond to the gospel at the festival. In the weeks building up to the festival we will equip these volunteers with everything they will need for this role by inviting them to attend one of our training events.

Ongoing support will be provided to help you put your follow-up plans into action.

Key Questions

Will my church see new Christians joining?

We hope so! If you sign up to be a full partner of the festival our Follow-Up Team will be collecting the follow-up cards at the end of the festival and passing them on to you based on various criteria including geographical location.

Will there be a ministry team at the festival in Wythenshawe Park?

Yes, this will be our Festival Friends Team. We are recruiting 2,500 people from local churches who will be equipped and trained to minister at the festival, ensuring they are fit for the task in both the spiritual and logistical needs.

Will you help my church to invite people to the festival?

Yes, Friendship Evangelism Training events will help equip you to invite and bring friends to the festival. As well as this we will be providing training on how to have good conversations with you friends about the gospel and invite them to respond.

Does it all end with the festival?

No, we want to continue encouraging and stirring the church across the North West for outreach and support you in the discipleship that follows. Our Festival Future Team will connect you to various ongoing partnership opportunities with Scripture Union, Alpha, Advance, the Luis Palau Association and others to ensure we keep the evangelism
temperature of the region hot long after the festival has happened.