Environmental Impact

We know that holding a huge event like Festival Manchester will have some environmental impact. So to help offset this we’re…

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Planting 5,000 trees

We’ve bought 5,000 fruit trees which will be planted across Greater Manchester over the coming months in partnership with #OrchardsEverywhere. Some of these will also be used to create a brand-new fruit tree orchard.

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Asking visitors to use public transport as much as possible

As well as encouraging people to get to Festival Manchester by walking, cycling, getting the bus, using the tram or car-sharing.

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Litter picks after the festival

We have already prepared a full team who will go to the park after the festival and clean it up. Meaning that any rubbish created from the festival will be picked up and disposed of/recycled. We want to leave the park better than we found it.

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Region-wide clean ups

Of the 200 Festival Manchester social action projects happening across the North West, a big proportion of these will include litter picks, graffiti cleaning, personal and community garden makeovers, all with the aim of improving our environment and transforming the region we call home.